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Friday November 27th, 2015

Rapelling into the black Hole in the Belize Jungle

Tracy Dispatch from the Belize Jungle
Rapelling into the Black Hole
April 23rd 2009

Tracy, our intrepid office manager is back in Belize - this time exploring the Jungle Lodge,  part of the Langford Tropical 8 day  Belize adventure. Here is her latest dispatch:

"Lucky I did have a big breakfast because I didn’t know what I got myself into!   The Black Hole drop excursion starts out with an hour and a half hike from an orange orchard deep into the jungle.  The paths were covered in leaves and a bit slippery after yesterday’s rain.

This tour is not for the faint of heart.  Along with my 8 companions, we huffed and puffed our way up and down the trail. We stopped along the way and our guide, pointed out the flora and fauna the natives used for healing and rituals. When we finally reached the top of our climb the view was incredible. A vista of caves and jungle.We received a lesson on how to rappel and then it was time. I got hooked in and began my descent.I did make the mistake of looking back over my shoulder, which made me wish I hadn’t.

But, after the first few feet I got the hang of it (literally) and slowly made my way down through the canopy of the jungle below. The guides are there to help and provide opportunities to take pictures in mid-air, an experience I will not soon forget. I arrived safely at the bottom where the guides had laid out a picnic lunch with tortillas and juice. After lunch we hiked back out of the jungle for another hour and a half. I really felt like I had accomplished something when the orange grove came back into view.

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